About Us

Design Experience

Carol Franklin Associates Inc., founded in 1973, is a full service interior planning and design firm that specializes in designing interiors for corporations including many Fortune 500 corporate headquarters, banks, multi-national hotels and pharmaceutical companies including laboratories.


CFA Philosophy

CFA assists clients from inception to completion – from building search to space planning, interior design, design development, construction documents, purchase of furniture, fixtures and equipment through construction monitoring and installation. We pay particular attention to understanding client needs by creating a written program as a guide. This approach minimizes future design changes which can be costly and disruptive. The success of the firm has been driven by Carol Franklin’s personal hands-on approach during every phase of the project while leading a talented senior-level design team.

Green Approach

CFA has the ability to lead a total facility remodeling or selected area renovation which conforms to the Green Approach. Carol Franklin has completed the challenging, highly technical LEED professional course (Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design) sponsored by the United States Green Building Council. She possesses a full comprehension of the green building rating system, practices and principles and understands how a LEED certified building provides lower energy costs and a healthy environment for its occupants. CFA designers have gained first- hand knowledge of the changes that have taken place in current facility design, construction codes, Americans With Disabilities Act and sustainable materials that protect our environment.See our section “Green Approach” for examples.


Value to Our Clients


Green Certification

  • Act as liaison between owner and government for standard, silver and gold LEED Certification.
  • Advise clients of Federal and State government grants available for LEED

Certification Tax Savings

  • Document green materials for IRS allowable tax deductions.

Maximum Employee Productivity

  • Space planning to provide optimum department and staff adjacency
  • Specifications for ergonomic workstations and seating
  • Full understanding of each job detail to meet the individual needs of employees
  • Enable staff to begin work in the new environment immediately upon moving

Cost Savings

  •  Design for energy efficiency
  •  Reuse of existing furniture where possible
  • Obtain maximum discounts for all purchases
  • Minimize construction change orders due to good planning and documentation.

Archive All Records

  • Keep complete records and drawings for future reference

Carol Franklin is a certified interior designer in the State of New Jersey #211D00021900