The Green Approach


The Green Approach saves clients’ money in the form of tax deductions.

The Green Approach results in less landfill and safer air quality.


  • Carpets made of recycled used carpets; backing free of PVC (poly vinyl chloride); environmentally correct adhesives for installation


  • Ceiling tiles made of recycled ceiling materials


  • Furniture made of wood from managed, protected forests which prevents logging, water pollution, habitat destruction, displacement of indigenous people and wildlife


  • Paint non-toxic; made with reduced VOC (volatile organic compounds) which evaporates and prevents air pollution
Rubber Flooring
  • Made of post-consumer recycled rubber tires
  • Sheetrock encased in 100% recycled paper
  • Made of recycled material and natural fibers, which are pesticide free, recyclable or biodegradable
Whenever possible Carol Franklin Associates Inc. specifies materials and furniture from manufacturers that collect and recycle discarded and demolished products